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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I am a software engineer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I work as a consultant on various small to large scale projects, ranging from simple websites to large integrated systems integrated with business processes. With a wide variety of experience to draw from, I have developed a keen edge for solving a large spectrum of problems for clients, and delivering solutions catered to their needs.

Work Philosophy

As a developer, I believe in upholding the quality of craftmanship in the work that I create whenever I can. Nothing pains me more than a solution held together with hacks and . However, I am also pragmatic; I am here to solve problems, and to that end I will use any tools at my disposal.

Full Stack Ninja

I do not pigeonhole myself into particular positions in the stack. With vast experience in many projects, my knowledge ranges from the depths of the database to the clouds of front end libraries and MVC frameworks.

Open Source Contributor

I use a great variety of tools that have been developed by enthusiastic professionals all over the world. It is only fair that I also contribute to such projects that have the potential to change the processes and tools of our craft for the better.

A major portion of my open source revolves around Gradle, for which I have published several plugins for. Each one of these projects builds on my growing experience with the tool, and gradually improves on previous iterations.


More important than just creating tools is the imparting of knowledge to future generations of developers and engineers. Through my work, I deliver and develop training material to students so that they may be better prepared for the future.


I do not claim to know many things, let alone everything. While I do readily pass on the knowledge I possess, I also constantly strive to gain knowledge to improve myself.


There are very little things that I love doing more than diving head-first into code. I write code in many different languages, and play with the newest tools and frameworks that are always being developed by the community.

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